AboutAn Index Of Selected Online Film* Writing

This is a third project of mine interested in hyperlinks and memory, after Still Current and Syllabus.

While building my movie diary, I started to track writing about the films I'd seen, with the thought that I might find a way to link to it in the diary. I never managed to find a good way of integrating that beyond the margin notes I write, so I abandoned it temporarily.

Once I returned to it, and started thinking about it as its own thing, its shape felt better. I could better include writing about films I hadn't seen (but that used those films more as a jumping off point than anything else), as well as pieces that weren't really about any particular film.

A consequence of that late expansion and construction means that there are lots of pieces I really enjoyed, that made me start following certain writers, that I can't recall. I'm sad that this works have managed to fade from my memory, and that their writers aren't acknowledged here (yet). But it's a helpful encouragement to revisit the archives, and read more, knowing I now have a tool to stave off forgetting.