Some Recent Work

The Slow Boat to China eBook

In the aftermath of the Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal, I came across Charmaine Chua's logistics reading list. One item was her own series of five dispatches from an Evergreen container ship crossing the Pacific. Wanting the posts in a linearized form the host blog didn't offer, I took advantage of the Creative Commons license and adapted this epub version. (photo by Charmaine as well)


A seasonal zine. A place for me to publish assorted things that would otherwise remain unseen.

My Film Diary

A personal replacement for my Letterboxd diary. I can simple do more things with this space than I can on that service. I also wrote about what I can accomplish with my own space and my evolving thinking about Letterboxd.


A bot posting the last sentence of Wikipedia film plot synopses. Too decontextualized to actually be a spoiler, probably.

Still Current

A spaced repetition bookmarking tool. An attempt to never forget small wonderful things on the internet. An attempt to create a more humane rhythm of browsing a finite web.

Three Horizons

Unwearying Arms


Triangles 1

Flags of Dead Nations

A sporadic writing project about flags of former countries and the stories contained in them.

Astray and Automeander

Automeander and Astray are two series from a generative art piece I did emulating the style of Anni Albers' Meander series. I also wrote about the process of making these.

Watch The Moon Rise is a simple calendar that tells you when the moon will rise in your area, the phase, and (roughly) the color of the sky. Go outside and watch the moon rise the night after a full moon. It's beautiful.


Teacart1k was a SHARECART1000 themed jam held primarily in San Francisco, but open to anyone who wanted to participate. We got 20 games submitted, and after a lot of struggling we managed to bundle all of them into one "uber-game".


Umbragram is a puzzle game about perception. You're presented with two silhouettes, and you have to build a structure that casts those shadows. The area where your structure sits lacks perspective, so the more complex shapes can only be understood with its shadows.