Persuasion 1995

Much more visually interesting than other BBC adaptations. A dolly zoom in a moment of shock. Sudden outbursts of handheld photography after Louisa falls. Humorous cutting when everyone is complaining at her. It works very well to inject some visual interest into an otherwise quite good and direct adapatation.

I’m surprised by the usage of lines from Austen’s original manuscript. I wasn’t fond of those parts myself, but I appreciate an adaptation that fully engages with all parts of its text.

Still from Persuasion

無間道 Infernal Affairs (2002)

Still from Infernal Affairs

The Lost City 2022

Still from The Lost City

R.M.N. 2022

Still from R.M.N.

Ang Pagbabalik ng Kwago Leonor Will Never Die (2022)

Still from Leonor Will Never Die

Butcher's Crossing 2022

Still from Butcher's Crossing

Plan 75 2022

Still from Plan 75

Women Talking 2022

Still from Women Talking

2 Lizards 2020

헤어질 결심 Decision to Leave (2022)

Still from Decision to Leave

Vanskabte Land Godland (2022)

Still from Godland

La hija de todas las rabias Daughter of Rage (2022)

Still from Daughter of Rage

브로커 Broker (2022)

Still from Broker

Rose Gold 2017

Rose Gold 2017