Further Reading

Against Lists – Elena Gorfinkel

This piece prompted me to think about what lists, broadly, represent and what my lists, specifically, say. I made this page before reading Gorfinkel’s piece, but it reinforced certain decisions I’d made against categorization and navigation. I’ve wanted to avoid zoological interactions with my watch history. This piece might give voice to a rationale for that.

Why “The Chinese Cinema” – Sean Gilman

There’s significant overlap between Gilman’s approach to “The Chinese Cinema” and my ever-expanding approach to “Artist of the Year”.

Sites Used


My watch information is pulled from there. The site remains useful for intersecting my information with others (particularly writers whose work/tastes I enjoy). Otherwise, I prefer to use this site to record everything. I wrote about it here.


A structured wiki of film (and TV) information. I’ve contributed a decent amount to it, mostly to power this site.